Minnesota Job Vacancies

January 28, 2017

MN Job Vacancies

According to Minnesota State CAREERwise Education, the latest Job Vacancy Survey from the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) continues to show a strong and stable labor market. During the most recent survey there were about 1.2 unemployed people for each statewide vacancy. To learn more about job vacancies in Minnesota read the key findings.

Find occupations from the latest survey in this table showing select high paying occupations. The table includes links to employment information and top Minnesota employers for each occupation listed. Or view the Top 30 Minnesota Job Vacancies. Each vacancy title links to a career profile with employment outlook and education information about the career.

And if you're wondering, Where are manufacturing jobs in Minnesota? Who are the top manufacturing employers? The manufacturing section on CAREERwise Education now shows top manufacturing industries and employers in Minnesota.

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