What Will You Discover? Manufacturing Day 2016

October 4, 2016

Manufacturing Day is a growing grassroots movement of manufacturers dedicated to overcoming the shared challenges facing manufacturers today. The most pressing issue is a gap in skilled labor. 80 percent of manufacturers cannot find the skilled workers they need. This gap continues to widen. Manufacturers’ ability to address this issue has been hindered by the public perception that careers in manufacturing are undesirable and by the lack of sufficient preparatory education. Both of these problems stem from a lack of understanding of present-day manufacturing environments, which are highly technical.



Manufacturing Day gives manufacturers an opportunity to raise and address these issues by simply exhibiting what they do to visitors who are curious about manufacturing. The official celebration date is always the first Friday in October, but as more states declare October as Manufacturing Month, many events are scheduled throughout the month. Thousands of manufacturers across the nation participate in Manufacturing Day by hosting open houses, public tours, career workshop and other events. They are joined by community and technical colleges that host similar event to showcase their facilities and course offerings that lead to well-paid, in-demand manufacturing careers. Through this collective effort, Manufacturing Day draws public attention to manufacturing’s present-day reality and encourages job seekers to develop the skills they need to qualify for long-term careers in this secure and growing sector of the economy.

Attend a tour near you to discover what manufacturing is all about!



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