Certified Production Technician (CPT)

Advanced Manufacturing Core Curriculum

Learn Work Earn will help create educational pathways across the state of Minnesota that lead to industry-recognized credentials in mechatronics, machining, and welding. MnAMP’s goal of developing opportunities for participants to earn stackable, portable, industry-recognized credentials will lead to skilled employees and long-term employment in high-skill, high-wage manufacturing positions.

Certified Production Technician (CPT)

The Certified Production Technician (CPT) Program offers a nationally-recognized credential for entry-level manufacturing production workers. The CPT credential provides the foundational knowledge and skill sets for anyone seeking a job in the manufacturing industry. Prospective employees who earn this certification come to manufacturing jobs mentally prepared for the new working environment and technical skills they will learn on the job. These programs emphasize cross-functional employability skills such as communications, teamwork, customer awareness, workplace conduct, and flexibility.

At the successful completion of the program, students will be eligible to take the nationally-recognized Manufacturing Skill Standards Council Certified Production Technician (MSSC-CPT) exams for each of the four modules:

  • Safety
  • Maintenance Awareness
  • Quality and Continuous Improvement
  • Manufacturing Process and Production

The CPT Certification is earned upon passing all four exams. Students can take up to 2 exams in one sitting. There is a wide range of advanced manufacturing career opportunities available to those that successfully earn their CPT certification:

  • Production Assistants
  • Metal and Plastic Processing
  • Mechatronics/Robotics
  • Precision Assemblers
  • Manufacturing Supervisors
  • And Many More

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